About Us

Over the past forty years, ALI & SONS CONTRACTING COMPANY (ASC) metaphors to lead the phenomenal construction industry revolution, with its goal of excellence, the Company earned reputation for delivering an exceptional construction services in the UAE.

Throughout its commitment towards a greater endeavor, ASC created an outstanding distinction from its PRIDE Core Foundation – Planning, Reliability, Innovation, Determination and Excellence.

  • ASC delivers superior project management, ensuring effective framework conceptualization, value engineering and timely project completion.

  • Using the latest technology, combined with the wide range of work history, ASC guarantees to build every project with structural integrity and awesome architectural visibility.

  • ASC continuously produced a well-balanced working environment incorporating new and creative ideas to meet the needs of the Clients.

  • Whatever it takes, members of the ASC stand united, work as one unit and are highly dedicated to achieve its goals and objectives.

  • The company envisioned itself with no boundaries to fulfill and lift up its status to a much greater degree (THE DEGREE OF EXCELLENCE).

ASC applied the aforementioned values to every project.  The company provides quality service and produce results with the help of its talented, self-motivated and hardworking team to sustain the Client needs and requirements.

The great distinction of the company’s output and the success of every project handled sets us far apart from all others and that is our PRIDE.

ASC aims not just to offer the best but we deliver the PRIDE OF EXCELLENCE!

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