At Ali & Sons Contracting (ASC) we prioritize safety, health, and environmental management above all. Daily reporting of any deviations from HSE standards and housekeeping practices on ongoing projects is mandatory, ensuring swift resolution of any issues identified. We meticulously monitor, document, and report these requirements to ASC Management weekly, underlining our unwavering dedication lo our employees' well-being and environmental preservation.

We're delighted to recognize the following projects for maintaining a flawlessHSE and housekeeping record, achieving a perfect score of 100% throughout the entire first quarter of this year:

• KIZAD Headquarter Project in Kezad Area, Abu Dhabi

• Danah Bay Residential Villas (Landside & Breakwater Villas) Phase 1 - Scope A & BProject in MarjanIsland, Ras Al Khaimah

• PMV & Main Store Yard

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all stakeholders for their unwavering dedication and contributions, which have been instrumental in achieving such commendable HSE performances. - Mohamad El Hage, Senior General Manager - Ali & Sons Contracting