Adherence to commitment, to deliver high quality products and services on time.
We are an organization committed to:

  • Pursuing EXCELLENCE in everything we say and do;
  • Embracing CHANGE in our quest for continuous improvement; and
  • Instituting INTEGRITY as the bedrock of employees and corporate character


Ali & Sons Contracting has a vision of “where we’re going” and plan to get there.
Not only is our strategy clear, we have the right elements in place as we strive to fulfill our vision:

  • Highly capable professionals with breadth and depth experiences
  • Strong Clients relationship
  • Adherence to commitment


Ali & Sons Contracting persistently builds and maintains its good reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership by providing the best quality of service with dedication and hard work to go beyond each Client’s expectations. We place safety, top quality, on time schedule, and proficiency as our number one priority in the planning and engineering of our works.

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